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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Mongolian Chews?
    Mongolian Chews (herein after MC) are hard chew treats that are easily digested, and provide chewing for healthy teeth and gums.
  • Are they a chew? Why so small?
    MC can be taken 2 - 3 times per Day, weekly. It’s Dried Yogurt Probiotic Portioned Treats.
  • Are they same as Himalayan Cheese Chews?
    1. > No, They are hard Dried Yogurt based treats that Mongolian people have made since the 13th century. 2. > They are portioned Yogurt Treats, which can be given on a daily basis to keep your pets “regular”. 3. > A 2.5oz pack contains 10+ pet size based treats while a Himalayan type chew is a single piece. 1 time chew.
  • What is in a Mongolian Chew?
    100% Cultured Pasteurized Mongolian Cow Milk. And… Nothing Else! That Means Our Yogurt is Drained Pressed and Dried That’s it!
  • They Have Different colors. Why is that? It seemed to be different from last time.
    Because we do not use any artificial coloring additives or preservatives. MC is made from free range cattle milk. Consequently, the color and smell will change somewhat due to the area and grasses. Although cows are grazing in the harvest season, the temperature and humidity at the time varies. All these aspects influence the production color.
  • How to keep it fresh after you open the package?
    Please save the bag before to open it, and avoid from direct sunlight and hot and humid place. After opening, please keep it in a cool and dark place. *If you store it in a refrigerator, condensation occurs due to the temperature difference with the outside air. As this may cause microorganisms and molds to grow, we recommend storing in a cool and dark place.
  • Can My dog eat more than one per day?
    Yes, it depends on size of the dog and size of the chew; we recommend not giving more than 2 pieces. Mongolian Chews are High Protein Dry Yogurt. Each 2.5 Oz is made with 2 liters of milk! 3.5 oz pack is from 3 liters of milk and a 7.0 oz pack made with 6 liters of milk.
  • My dog Is Lactose intolerant. Can they eat MC?
    Yes as the Most of the lactic acid Whey is drained off. When making Mongolian Chews. *** or The Lactic acid (whey ) is drained from the Yogurt (similar to Greek strained Yogurt) pressed and formed to shape and dried, leaving just the solids.
  • There is white spot, areas or crust on chews. Is this normal?"
    Yes, the chews are dry, and sometimes the excessive dried portion becomes powdery this is from the loose solids on surface of chews.
  • What Is Yogurt Crumble and how to use it?
    Yogurt Crumble is the same great product in Mongolian Chews in a granola sized, and smaller pieces. It can be used as a topper for food. To get finicky eaters to eat more and to add natural flavor and probiotics to the food. You can mix with water to make a paste (high protein low fat high calcium treat) suitable for puppies and seniors.
  • Can My other pets eat MC and Yogurt Crumble?
    Yes. Cats and birds like crumble and to peck at chew.
  • Its Yogurt. Why is it so hard?
    It’s the traditional way to store and preserve the dairy for the off season between seasons since 13th century. The excess milk is collected and turned to yogurt, which is boiled again and pressed to release the lactic acid formed, and dried. That’s it. In an easy to use daily portioned healthy yogurt treat for your dogs.
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